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R-TOUCH LEAD is an integrated solution offering finger mobilization therapies and interactive games for neurocognitive treatment, motor training of hand, wrist, and arm, and recovery of complex functional gestures.

R-TOUCH LEAD is an extremely versatile technology, applicable to a wide range of patients, with neurological and orthopedic deficits, that offers:

  • Passive mobilization hand therapies: they are ideal both for starting treatment, even in absence of active movements, and for patients who are at a more advanced stage and need to rehabilitate functional gestures. The rehabilitation glove generates finger flexion-extension even in case of hypotonia or hypertonia (max MAS=3). The 3D simulation on the screen involves the patient, facilitates his body awareness, helps him to maintain and rebuild the hand cortical representation.
  • Interactive games: they can involve the entire upper limb, are useful for training the patient’s active movements and refining his motor control and coordination skills. The software also proposes exercises developed in collaboration with a team of neuropsychologists, to focus the treatment on recovering selective attention, divided attention, problem-solving,, memory, shifting, and visual-spatial exploration skills.
  • Functional Exergames: R-TOUCH LEAD is the only device that, inspired by the Soft Robotics principles, can offer an original method of functional therapy. The patient can actively move his arm with no gravity; when he reaches the target area, the rehabilitation glove intervenes to support flexion or extension of fingers. It is thus possible to simulate complex reaching actions involving the proximal district and distal extremities.
  • AOT (Action-Observation Therapy): R-TOUCH LEAD allows the execution of exercises based on the logic of AOT for the activation of mirror neurons. In this case, the session consists of two steps: first, the patient observes a motor task on the screen; once the visual preview is over, the rehabilitation glove supports the specific motor exercise performance.
  • Assessment module: the software stores all treatment sessions. Intuitive reports on performance levels can be viewed and downloaded for each patient. Wrist ROM (pronation-supination, flexion-extension and ulnar-radial deviation) can be easily evaluated, day by day.

The following marking stands for one or more CE-marked medical device: R-Lead consists of Gloreha Aria; R-Touch Easy consists of Gloreha Professional 2; R-Touch Lead consists of Gloreha Professional 2 and Gloreha Aria; R-Touch Pro consists of Gloreha Professional 2 and Gloreha Active Package; R-Touch Elite consists of Gloreha Professional 2, Gloreha Active Package and Gloreha Aria. Leap Motion® Technology.

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