Gloreha products have several applications for patients with upper limb paresis or plegia after injuries of the central nervous system/spinal cord, peripheral neuropathies or musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Gloreha devices can be used since the post-acute phase, starting by Passive Mobilization exercises. Patient can be guided during the whole rehabilitation program. Assist-as-needed (AAN) and functional exercises are suggested for patients who recovered some distal and/or proximal motions.

Interactive games are specifically recommended to sharpen movements (e.g.: dexterity, coordination, speed) during an advanced phase of therapy.

Gloreha  devices are not only focused on supporting upper limb motor rehabilitation, but also on encouraging neural plasticity, through many audio-video effects, Action-Observation Therapy (AOT) and Bilateral Training.

Gloreha products are reliable devices also in the post-operative care and during the post-acute treatment of many other diseases.

Clinical benefits

  • Keeping and improving the joint range of motion;
  • Preventing adhesions, contractures, and natural damage by immobilization;
  • Reducing pain, oedema and hypertonia;
  • Proprioceptive stimulation;
  • Improving joint metabolism, blood and lymphatic circulation;
  • Maintaining functional afference and body awareness;
  • Improving coordination, dexterity and functional independence;
  • Increasing grip and pinch strength;
  • Improving visual-spatial exploration and attention abilities.
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