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R-TOUCH PRO is the most advanced system for functional hand rehabilitation, equipped with a robotic glove able to mobilize fingers, detect patient’s active movements and perform mirror bimanual training.

R-TOUCH PRO robotic glove can work in different modes:

  • BIMANUAL MIRROR TRAINING: thanks to R-TOUCH PRO, even the hemiplegic patient can actively guide the exercise. The movements of his ‘healthy’ hand are recognized by the device and reproduced on the contralateral limb through the robotic glove.
  • PASSIVE: finger flexion and extension are generated by the robotic glove according to customizable parameters. Mobilization is supported by multi-sensory stimulation (3D animation, sound effects, musical accompaniment, voice guidance, interaction with objects) to ensure patient involvement and to extend the cortical areas reached by neuroplasticity mechanisms.
  • ACTIVE-ASSISTED: proposed exercises require the patient to initiate a motor task autonomously; the robotic glove follows the patient’s activity and the motorized system intervenes to help only when necessary. Performance indicators give immediate feedback on the patient’s degree of autonomy in flexion and extension.
  • ACTIVE: Serious games motivate the patient to do his best to exploit his distal active ROM. Exercises train fist closing, hand opening, single finger flexion-extension, and tridigital pinch. Intuitive graphs at the end of the exercise show the patient and therapist the recorded trend, session after session.
  • THERAPIST-DRIVEN MOBILIZATION: R-TOUCH PRO allows the therapist to wear a glove endowed with sensors to dynamically guide the movement of the passive mobilization glove on the patient’s hand. Timing and amplitude of finger flexion and extension movements are therefore managed by the operator in real-time, allowing the therapy to be constantly customized, depending on the patient’s response and specific motor task proposed. The master-slave logic application amplifies the rehabilitation glove potential, synergizing with the relationship of trust and complicity between therapist and patient.

Main features:

  • Finger flexion and extension are dynamically activated by the patient, to increase his degree of involvement and motivation.
  • The cortical areas stimulation is amplified by the mirror mechanism, by observing the 3D hands in movement and by performing serious games and functional tasks with real objects.
  • Compared to traditional Mirror Therapy, R-TOUCH PRO enables one to go beyond the movement illusion: real motor training can be generated by the robotic glove on the hand with a motor deficit, increasing the rehabilitation potential.
  • According to the logic of Action-Observation Therapy, exercises with R-TOUCH PRO can require the observation of a motor task video before the exercise itself is performed. The software includes a wide range of videos: from single-joint movements to more complex actions.
  • The operator creativity is maximized, allowing the execution of grasping and reaching exercises with real objects, often taken from everyday life and professional environment.

The following marking stands for one or more CE-marked medical device: R-Lead consists of Gloreha Aria; R-Touch Easy consists of Gloreha Professional 2; R-Touch Lead consists of Gloreha Professional 2 and Gloreha Aria; R-Touch Pro consists of Gloreha Professional 2 and Gloreha Active Package; R-Touch Elite consists of Gloreha Professional 2, Gloreha Active Package and Gloreha Aria. Leap Motion® Technology.

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