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Sinfonia Plus

R-touch Elite is a solution for hand and arm rehabilitation, useful for all phases of the rehabilitation process. It offers:

  • BIMANUAL MIRROR TRAINING: real motor training can be generated by the robotic glove on the hand with motor deficits, enhancing the rehabilitation potential.
  • PASSIVE MODE: finger flexion and extension are generated by the robotic glove according to customizable parameters. Mobilization is supported by multi-sensory stimulation to ensure patient involvement.
  • ACTIVE-ASSISTED MODE: therapies require the patient to initiate a motor task autonomously; the robotic glove follows the patient’s activity, and the motorized system intervenes to help only when necessary.
  • THERAPIST-DRIVEN MOBILIZATION: therapist can wear a glove endowed with sensors to dynamically guide the movement of the passive mobilization glove on the patient’s hand.

In addition to hand treatment, R-Touch Elite is also a sensor-based system for therapeutic upper limb treatment and neurocognitive training. It offers cognitive exercises and interactive games focusing on free arm, wrist, and hand movements.

The following marking stands for one or more CE-marked medical device: R-Lead consists of Gloreha Aria; R-Touch Easy consists of Gloreha Professional 2; R-Touch Lead consists of Gloreha Professional 2 and Gloreha Aria; R-Touch Pro consists of Gloreha Professional 2 and Gloreha Active Package; R-Touch Elite consists of Gloreha Professional 2, Gloreha Active Package and Gloreha Aria. Leap Motion® Technology.

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