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Gloreha devices are the most advanced, effective and user-friendly combination of technology to support motor rehabilitation of the upper limb and neurocognitive recovery.
Serving patients, doctors, therapists:
through therapies and protocols that accompany all stages of the rehabilitation process, Gloreha devices promote the functional recovery of patients and their reintegration into daily life.
From the treatment of the bedridden patient to the telerehabilitation of the patient back home, from support to occupational therapy to neurocognitive training, to the objective evaluation of the performances: the Gloreha devices – Maestro, Crescendo, Aida, Sinfonia, Aria, Concerto – are versatile and complementary solutions, able to support the daily work of rehabilitation specialists and encourage multidisciplinary interaction for the benefit of the patient.

Gloreha devices are applied daily in hospitals and rehab centers all around the world.
Hand and upper limb treatment, proprioceptive stimulation, serious motor and cognitive games, interaction with real objects: the many opportunities offered by Gloreha devices combine to offer the patient a daily motivating and engaging therapy.
The range of Gloreha products guarantees rehabilitative structures a technological equipment always in step with the specific operational needs, also allowing upgrades and integrations in several phases.


Grab your life!

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