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R-LEAD is the sensor-based device for therapeutic upper limb treatment and neurocognitive training.

R-LEAD offers cognitive exercises and interactive games focusing on free arm, wrist and hand movements.
The patient moves his upper limb in space, in absence of gravity.
The set-up is immediate: nothing to wear on the patient.

Rehabilitate while having fun: the software offers several challenging and recreational exercises based on active upper limb movements detected by a specific sensor.

  • The graphic interface involves the patient and enhances the playful aspect of the treatment.
  • The motor exercise is carried out within an immersive context: the patient guides a character in the execution of tasks of varying complexity or controls a cursor in the solving of quizzes of increasing difficulty.
  • The exercise difficulty level can be programmed by the therapist or can auto-adjust based on the patient’s performance.
  • Patients and therapists have immediate feedback on the performance trend.
  • The level of compensation is calibrated according to the weight of the arm and the patient’s residual capacity of control and movement.

Range of movements detected by R-LEAD:

  • finger flexion-extension,
  • wrist pronation-supination,
  • radial-ulnar deviation,
  • wrist flexion-extension,
  • arm movements in vertical and horizontal planes (back-forth, right-left, up-down).

Motor recovery is never separate from neurocognitive recovery.

R-LEAD proposes exercises, inspired by tests and activities typical of neuropsychological treatment, to train selective attention, divided attention, shifting abilities, visual-spatial exploration skills, memory, etc.

Colours, numbers, images, playing cards: the software proposes interactive cognitive stimulation exercises, tailored to the patient. The playful aspect and the combination of motor tasks facilitate the compliance level of the patient with cognitive deficits.

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