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R-TOUCH EASY is the hand mobilization solution that can be used both in an early phase on bedridden patients, even if the patient has no residual active movement, and subsequently to support the recovery of functional actions with real objects.

R-TOUCH EASY is easily transportable. It may be placed:

  • next to the patient’s bed, allowing rehabilitation treatment to begin already in the acute phase,
  • in the rehabilitation gym, to carry out treatments with patients in a sitting or standing position,
  • in an occupational therapy room, to help patients train in activities of daily living (ADL).

The core of R-TOUCH EASY is the rehabilitation glove, which can generate both flexion and extension of fingers. Depending on the stage and setting of the treatment, during mobilization, the patient can either watch a 3D simulation of the hand in motion on the screen, designed to stimulate neuroplasticity, or concentrate on his hand and the objects he is invited to interact with.

The patient is not constrained to a predefined position: wrist and arm can be moved freely by the patient during therapy.

The software offers a wide range of possibilities to customize the therapy. The clinician can adjust:

  • passive ROM for each finger,
  • speed (6-20 mm/sec),
  • exercise timing,
  • audio-video effects,
  • all the combinations of finger flexion-extension.

Early and intensive mobilization can prevent dysfunctional reorganization of brain activity, as well as avoid the occurrence of adhesions, contractures, immobilization damages, improve joint metabolism and lymphatic and blood circulation, maintain and increase joint ROM.

The silicone gloves, which are easy to sanitize and available in 6 sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL), leave the palm free, to facilitate fitting even in case of spasticity, avoid grasping reflex, limit sweating and facilitate grasping of objects.


The following marking stands for one or more CE-marked medical device: R-Lead consists of Gloreha Aria; R-Touch Easy consists of Gloreha Professional 2; R-Touch Lead consists of Gloreha Professional 2 and Gloreha Aria; R-Touch Pro consists of Gloreha Professional 2 and Gloreha Active Package; R-Touch Elite consists of Gloreha Professional 2, Gloreha Active Package and Gloreha Aria. Leap Motion® Technology.

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