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    Note: All contents of the site are for health and professional operators of the rehabilitation sector.

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    Cover for Gloreha - Hand Rehabilitation Glove
    Gloreha - Hand Rehabilitation Glove

    Gloreha - Hand Rehabilitation Glove

    Idrogenet is a company manufacturer of robotic devices designed for neuro-rehabilitation of the upper limb.

    For those who need to rest.For those who need to stop.For those who need to take a break.Our company will be closed from 15 to 21 August.Happy summer Holiday to everyone!🌴#vacation #holiday #summerbreak #Gloreha ... See MoreSee Less
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    We are honoured to take part by your side in the rehabilitation sessions yet to come.We thank Dr. Alberto Esquenazi and his health staff for the new installation of our robotic device Gloreha.@MossRehab is an excellent hospital and we hope their patients will have multiple options with our innovative robotic treatments.#newglorehainstallation #Gloreha #MossRehab #stroke #roboticdevice #neurologicaldiseases ... See MoreSee Less
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    Are you ready for the Occupational R-evolution?We look forward to welcoming you in Paris for the next World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) international congress and exhibition from 28th to 31st August.Come to visit us at our booth B2, in the Convention Centre!#occupationaltherapy #WFOT #rehabilitation #WFOT2022 #Gloreha ... See MoreSee Less
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    Today is World Brain Day, important to share information about brain health and spark a universal effort that brings awareness to the prevalence of brain disorders, the brain’s vital role in humanity and how we can reduce the burden of brain disorders on the world. We as Gloreha team would like to support, contribute to spread the message and raise awareness on brain health.#WBD2022 #WorldBrainDay2022 #BrainHealthForAll #gloreha #neurorehabilitation #grabyourlife ... See MoreSee Less
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    The ISPRM 2022congress in Lisbon is the biggest PRM event in the world. For the first time the ISPRM Society, the European Society Congress (ESPRM), as well as portuguese national Congress (SPMFR) are together in one only and incredible event!A World congress, a European Congress and a National congress together: a fruitful occasion for showcasing the versatility and benefits of Gloreha devices.Join us in Pavilhão do Rio on our Stand B13#ISPRM2022 #ISPRM #lisbon #physicalmedicine #rehabilitation #robotics #handrehabilitation #stroke #neurorehabilitation #Gloreha #grabyourlife ... See MoreSee Less
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