SIMFER in Italy and ECNR in Switzerland

SIMFER22-25 OctoberGenova (1)

Clinical trials carried out on Gloreha

In the coming weeks new clinical results of trials carried out on Gloreha will be presented at two important congresses:


The annual congress of the Italian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

During the congress Dr. Bissolotti and Dr. Zenorini will present two clinical trials:

Effects of robotic therapy for the upper limb rehabilitation with Gloreha Idrogenet® in post stroke patients with moderate and severe impairment. Preliminary results“.Bissolotti Luciano, Petioky Jakub, Hoidekrová Kristýna, Zuccher Paola, Zenorini Andrea, Migliarini Daniele, Turla Elena, Gaffurini Paolo (Brescia).

Perceived effects of robotic therapy for upper limb rehabilitation with Gloreha Sinfonia Idrogenet® in cerebral stroke patients“. Zenorini Andrea, Chiari Sonia, Zuccher Paola, Bissolotti Luciano, Migliarini Daniele, Turla Elena, Spinella Flavio, Gaffurini Paolo (Brescia).

The congress program focuses on two main topics that pose important challenges to rehabilitation:
– Technological and pharmacological innovation
– The life cycle


The annual congress of the European Society of Neurorehabilitation.

During the congress Mr. Petioky  (chief or rehabilitation at Kladruby Rehab Center) will present the following clinical trial:

Efficacy of robotic and Action-Observation therapy for upper limb rehabilitation after stroke. Preliminary results of a multicenter trial” Petioky J.1, Bissolotti L. 2,3, Hoidekrova K. 1, Chioda B. 2. 1 Rehabilitation Centre Kladruby, Rehabilitation, Kladruby, Czech Republic. 2 Fondazione Teresa Camplani Casa di Cura Domus Salutis, Brescia, Rehabilitation Service, Brescia, Italy. 3 LARIN: Neuromuscular and Adapted Physical Activity Laboratory, Brescia, Italy.

“The mission of the European Federation of Neurorehabilitation (EFNR) is to advance the quality of science, services and education in the field of neurorehabilitation across Europe.
Due to the different approaches for Neurorehabilitation in the various European countries, the EFNR promotes a common platform for discussion of organisational models and rehabilitation ideologies…”. Keep reading the Welcome Note of the executive committee on the website of the congress:


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