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Gloreha Sinfonia Therapy

Gloreha Sinfonia is the device for upper limb rehabilitation that supports patients during all the phases of neuromotor recovery. The glove is able to support fingers movements, while detecting voluntary active motion.

Type of therapy

According to necessity, motion can be performed by the robotic glove (passive mobilization), or by the patients (active games). The device is also able to support and help the patient only if and when necessary (active-assisted mobilization). Finally thanks to unique configuration of Gloreha Sinfonia healthy hand movement can be replied on affected hand (bilateral therapy).
Additional types of therapy:
Action Observation Therapy
Scientific literature demonstrated how observation of a specific action activates the same cortical brain areas committed to that motor function. it helps the planning of movements and the neuroplasticity. Gloreha software offers a two-step implementation for each exercise . At first patients can see a real hand doing a specific motor task on the screen. Then according to patient’s condition the robotic glove partially or totally supports the motor exercise.
Functional Exercises
The aim of every rehabilitation program is the recovery of the Activities of Daily Living. Gloreha Sinfonia helps patients perform grasping, reaching, picking exercises and interacting with real objects. The device has been designed to help the execution of the movements of the arm. The system integrates two supports that relieve the upper limb weight during the therapy. A C-shape table facilitates the access to the working area also for wheelchair patients.
Dynamic Arm Support
A dynamic support compensates the upper limb weight. It helps patients to make functional exercises that involve the whole upper limb. The arm is free to move in zero gravity and float in space. According to the weight of the arm and of the patients’ residual skills. The dynamic support is lightweight and comfortable. It naturally supports patients’ movements in all directions. The system integrates two supports.

Doctors and therapists can choose and customize Gloreha Therapy according to patient’s needs.


Take a look at the video and discover more about each type of therapy

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