Gloreha Sinfonia: Action Observation Therapy


Action Observation Therapy

Scientific literature shows how the observation of an active action stimulates the same cortical brain area committed to motor functions. 
With Gloreha SInfonia each exercises can be set on the following two steps: OBSERVATION and EXECUTION:

  1. Focus on real video preview. During the Action Observation Therapy a patient can watch a real hand doing a specific motor task on the screen. Therapist can choose from a wide range of different videos. Furthermore, therapists can upload their on videos recorded in the rehabilitation jim.
  2. Repeat the motor task supported by the glove. After watching the video preview, the rehabilitation glove supports the patient during the ongoing motor exercise. According to residual motors skills the therapists can regulate the supporting level.

Gloreha SOftware offers a wide variety of exercises. Moreove, therapists can create exciting exercises to meet patient’s need. For instance, patients can interact with different object to achieve new goal. In the same way therapists can also customise the video. Present vocal guidance can also help patients during therapy. This type of therapy are particularly suitable for those patients that need to improve the proprioception stimulation and for children. Thanks the new XXS size, therapists can use Gloreha also in the field of pediatric rehabilitation.

Look at the new video about Action Observation Therapy with Gloreha Sinfonia 

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