Gloreha: Installation at Borsalino Rehabilitation Center


New rehabilitation Device: Gloreha

Another high-tech new entry for the rehabilitation center, thanks to the donation made by Rotary Club in collaboration with Abilitando association.

From now on the Gloreha device will be available at the Borsalino Rehabilitation Center in Alessandria (Italy). Especially reevant, the donation is the result of a cooperation between Rotary Club and Abilitando: their goal is always to find and create synergies between technology and disability. Gloreha has been included in this project since it is a high-tech robotic device for patients with neuro-motor diseases.

“Gloreha is a combination of robotics and IT. The device allows an effective rehabilitation aimed at recovering the ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). A dynamic arm support coupled to the device allows to freely move the arm in the space, performing functional exercises”. Dr. Salvatore Petrozzino, Head Physician – Borsalino Rehab Center


Abilitando is an exhibition full of conferences, workshop and events with one key goal: the union between technology and disability. The rehabilitation in one of the field in which this union can creates a real help for patients. In addition Abilitando follows all the process, starting with the scientific research and from the patients needs.

Gloreha has been placed in the rehabilitation department. It has many applications for patients with hand paresis or plegia after injuries of the central nervous system or spinal cord. With passive mobilization it is possible to treat patients since the post-acute phase. Furthermore, the device allows to guided the patients during the whole rehabilitation path. Supporting fingers joins mobilization is not the only focus of Gloreha. Observation therpy and bilateral training are only some of the other type of rehabilitation therapy that is possible to performe with the device.

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