Gloreha Aria: look at the new video!

Gloreha Aria New Video

We are glad to present the new video of Gloreha Aria: the sensor-based therapy device designed for motor recovery of impaired upper limb.


Gloreha Aria offers specific programs that help patients to move the whole upper limb (arm, wrist and fingers). Therapists can customize therapy by focusing on a specific motor task.

Gloreha Aria is equipped with sensors that can detect any movements in space: the software processes and displays them on the screen. Patients can perform motivational and challenging games for example grasping movements with the hand or pronation and supination with the wrist. Difficulty levels are automatically adjusted according to patients’ performances.

A dynamic support partially or totally compensates for patient’s arm, that is free to float in space. Moreover, the ergonomic shape of the table and the automatic height adjustment of the work surface optimize patient’s position.

An integrated touchscreen PC provides a user-friendly control panel for therapists and an intuitive feedback interface for the patient.

Gloreha Aria can be applied on patients affected by central nervous system disorders as well as periferal neuropathy, spinal lesions or musculoskeletal disorders.
Furthermore Gloreha Aria interactive therapy is suitable for people with moderate upper limb deficit. The device favors the recovery of autonomy motor and visuospatial exploration skills, such as coordination, precision, speed, cognitive skills and motor control.

In the video you’ll see the main features of the device:

▪ No limits: freedom to move in the surrounding space
▪ Quick set-up: no components on patient’s arm
▪ Little supervision required: versatile, user-friendly
▪ Ad hoc therapies: from single joint movements to complex combinations
and functional tasks
▪ Interactive games: involving and exciting virtual
▪ Performance monitoring: intuitive graphs with trend of performances
▪ No age limit: even for pediatrics

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