Active-assisted therapy


Therapy with Gloreha: Active-assisted modality


The key feature of Gloreha Sinfonia therapy is a rehabilitation glove. Patinet’s motion can be supported or detected by the device.

Patients are totally involved during motor exercises, especially thanks to multisensory stimulation and 3D animation on the screen.

Active assisted therapy

Gloreha glove detects active movements. Special sensors placed on the fingers are able to detect the patient’s movements. According to necessity it can support patients to complete finger flexion and extension.

Gloreha Software proposes specific active-assisted exercises to train daily tasks with real objects. The aim of every rehabilitation program is the recovery of the activities of daily living.Gloreha thrapy helps patinets performing grasping, reaching, picking exercises, and interacting with real object. Gloreha Sinfonia therapy provides a wide variety of motivational and challenging exercises. The exercises can have different difficulty levels.

The device supports patinet’s effort by intervening only if and when necessary. The patient has to try to perform the movement. If the patient is able the device will follow the movement. While, if the patient is not able to complete the task by hiself the device will help him.

Performance of the therapy

Performance indicators give immediate results on each performance. During therapy, Gloreha Software records all data related to each patient. Consequently, clinical professionals can monitor performances by analysing the results of the patients. Furthermore, therapists can download and print intuitive diagrams showing the trend of achieved results.

Therapist’s creativity

Gloreha software offers a wide variety of exercises. Moreover, Software allows to create new exercises to meet patient’s needs.

For instance, patients can interact with different objects to achieve new goals. A vocal guidance helps the patient. Moreover, therapists can customize  the vocal guidance according to special features of the patients.


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