cognitive exercises
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In a comprehensive rehabilitative path, neuro-cognitive recovery must support motor recovery.


Specific exercises, developed by the Gloreha team with the support of neuropsychologists, train cognitive abilities such as attention skills, problem-solving, memory, shifting skills, selective attention, visuo-spatial exploration skills, etc. The combination of motor and cognitive tasks also trains the divided attention, a skill of essential importance to perform many ADLs.

Cognitive training stimulates neuroplasticity: the ability of the nervous system to respond to intrinsic and extrinsic stimuli by reorganizing its structure, function, and connections.

The aging of the population brings with it an increase in cases of dementia and neurocognitive problems due to brain damage. Computerized cognitive treatments are an excellent treatment to prevent this phenomenon.

It is not easy for patients to understand and admit their cognitive deficits. Combining cognitive exercises with motor tasks can facilitate patients’ compliance and motivation.

▪ The difficulty level self-adapts based on the patient’s abilities

▪ The playful aspect and the combination of motor tasks facilitate the level of compliance of the patient with cognitive deficit

▪ The fundamental principles of neuropsychological treatment have been included in the exercises proposed

▪ Colors, numbers, images, playing cards: the software offers interactive exercises of cognitive stimulation, tailored to the patient

▪ Patients and therapists have immediate feedback on the performance trend, automatically stored by the system

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