45° SIMFER National Congress


“45° SIMFER National Congress”
22-25 October, Genova (Italy)

Main Topic of SIMFER 2017: Re-habilitation and disability through the life cycle.

The congress program focus on two main and current themes that pose important challenges to rehabilitation:
– Technological and pharmacological innovation,
– The life cycle.

Innovation and progress have both improved and increased people’s expectation and quality of life, generating new and more complex re-enabling needs, but also making available tools which were unimaginable till recently…” Keep reading the presentation of the SIMFER congress on the website.

During the SIMFER National Congress Dr. Luciano Bissolotti will present the results of two clinical trials carried out in Domus Salutis Rehabilitation Center:

  • “The effects of robotic rehabilitation of the upper limb with Gloreha on post stroke patients with moderate and severe disability: preliminary results”.
  • “The perceived effects during the robotic rehabilitation of the upper limb with Gloreha on post stroke patients”.

Join us and visit our stand, You’ll have the possibility to meet Gloreha team and try directly Gloreha Sinfonia.

Each congress is a great opportunity to meet experts, to share knowledges and also to learn more about rehabilitation, robotic applications and how to help people with neuromotor impairments. People from all around the world have the possibility to meet each others and share experiences that come from different cultures and stories. Help us to make the congresses always more rich and exciting with your presence.

Contact us for more information at info@gloreha.com

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