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Aida is the next-generation device for neurocognitive learning and rehabilitation, based on eye-tracking: the patient trains his mind by simply interacting with the eyes.

Aida recognizes what the patient is looking at. On the device screen, exercises and games with different degrees of complexity are proposed: the patient is the protagonist of his treatment session through eye interaction. The Aida infrared eye-tracker, positioned at the base of the screen, reads eye movement and interprets the patient’s choices in response to the stimuli proposed each time.

  • The use of Aida enables the neurocognitive rehabilitation process to begin at an early stage of treatment, promoting an earlier stimulation.
  • Treatment starts after a quick calibration session.
  • The software automatically adapts exercises’ difficulty levels according to the patient’s performance and allows the therapist to customize parameters to optimize the rehabilitation session’s effectiveness.

This technology enables to propose neurocognitive exercises to patients with a diversified medical history, thus ensuring that the complexity of patients with neurological disorders can be better managed:

  • patients who are not allowed to use the verbal channel,
  • patients with severe paralysis of voluntary limb movements,
  • patients with neurodevelopmental disorders,
  • patients for whom early fatigue makes it difficult to perform certain exercises.

The software proposes many exercises developed in collaboration with neuropsychologists and are designed to train:

  • selective attention,
  • divided attention,
  • shifting skills,
  • memory,
  • visual-motor skills such as the ability to stare at and follow visual stimuli,
  • eye movements,
  • visual-spatial exploration skills.

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