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    Cover for Gloreha - Hand Rehabilitation Glove
    Gloreha - Hand Rehabilitation Glove

    Gloreha - Hand Rehabilitation Glove

    Idrogenet is a company manufacturer of robotic devices designed for neuro-rehabilitation of the uppe

    This magnificent masterpiece is called "Vittoria Alata" (=Winged Victory) and it is a bronze statue from the 1st century AD. She was found in 1826 together with other Roman bronzes and she is identified with the greek godness Nike. The legend tells she was gifted by Rome to the town of Brixia, the city where our company is based. The "Vittoria Alata" became the symbol of our own city, Brixia, which with Bergamo have been both elected as italian culture capitals in 2023. Since we pay attention to the movement of fingers, hands and upper-limbs, it is fascinating to observe how she stands with outstretched arms and she slinky moves her hands holding a missing shield. A visit to see her and to discover our city, Brixia, is hightly recommended!bergamobrescia2023.it/?utm_source=Google&utm_campaign=Sito&utm_medium=Search&utm_content=Text_Sea...#bgbs23 #Brescia #Brixia #vittoriaalata #Nike #culture #culturecapital #taly #hands #fingers ... See MoreSee Less
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    A Gloreha Sinfonia Plus has been installed at Cardinal Santos Medical Center, San Juan City, Philippines 🇵🇭Thank you #BTL Medical Philippines for your collaboration!#roboticdevice #rehabilitation #Philippines #btlmedicalphilippines #Gloreha #grabyourlife ... See MoreSee Less
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    WORLD PIZZA DAY! 🍕🍕🍕It is the flag of Mediterranean cuisine, the queen of street food, so much that became the star of a special anniversary: World Pizza Day, which takes place every 17 January, a date not chosen at random, a day dedicated to Sant'Antonio Abate (Sant'Antuono) protector of fire and 'pizza makers'.Pizza is italian as our company and it is also one of the protagonist of our AOT videos, a series of videos that we created to help patients in ordinary daily activities, as eating a slice of a delicious pizza!Rehabilitation should help to do again what we love.Buona riabilitazione...e buon appetito!#aot #occupationaltherapy #functionalvideo #mirrorneurons #Gloreha #madeinitaly #grasping #reaching #grabyourlife #enjoyrehabilitation #eating #worldpizzaday #food #pizza ... See MoreSee Less
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