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With great enthusiasm, we are pleased to announce the integration of Gloreha into the prestigious BTL Robotics portfolio.

BTL Industries recently acquired Idrogenet Srl, the Italian company specialized in the production of neurorehabilitation devices and well-known for the iconic robotic glove Sinfonia. Founded in 2004, Idrogenet launched its first product in 2011, following years of research and development. Continuously innovating in R&D, the company has introduced new devices and technologies over the years, establishing itself as a key player in the rehabilitation market.

BTL has been a solid partner in Idrogenet Srl for several years as a distributor in various countries. Now the acquisition strengthens this cooperation and enhances its potential. With offices in over 80 countries worldwide, BTL is a market leader in rehabilitation, cardiology, and aesthetics. Recently, BTL introduced its new portfolio of robotic products dedicated to neuromotor rehabilitation, further expanding its offerings.

The inclusion of Gloreha devices for hand and arm rehabilitation, enriches BTL’s portfolio. R-Lead and R-Touch, the Gloreha solutions for the upper limb, complement the portfolio, which includes R-Force and R-Gait, focused on lower limb rehabilitation.

The integration of these cutting-edge solutions creates a comprehensive and highly technological product portfolio, offering complete solutions for neurological patients and meeting the needs of clinicians, therapists, and patients.

The following marking stands for one or more CE-marked medical device: R-Lead consists of Gloreha Aria; R-Touch Easy consists of Gloreha Professional 2; R-Touch Lead consists of Gloreha Professional 2 and Gloreha Aria; R-Touch Pro consists of Gloreha Professional 2 and Gloreha Active Package; R-Touch Elite consists of Gloreha Professional 2, Gloreha Active Package and Gloreha Aria. Leap Motion® Technology.

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