Gloreha Workstation is an innovative device for hand neuromotor rehabilitation. While Gloreha robotic glove mobilizes finger joints, a 3D simulation can be seen on the screen.

Gloreha Workstation is a training area for therapies that involves whole upper limb. Two dynamic supports allow arms to move with no gravity in order to perform functional tasks.

The aim of every rehabilitation program is the recovery of the Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Gloreha Workstation has an ergonomic working area to set therapies for the recovery of functional movements (e.g. grasping, moving and lifting objects up).

A therapist can set different, customized therapies according to patient condition. Gloreha is a user-friendly, intuitive software. Video previews, audio-visual effects, simultaneous 3D animations are all aimed at increasing the effects on neural plasticity and actively following mobilization exercises.

Gloreha Workstation Plus

Gloreha Workstation can be upgraded by adding a module called “Gloreha Motion Capture”: dedicated to those therapists who want to give their patients the opportunity to play hand, wrist and arm interactive games.
Gloreha Workstation Plus merges in one device all the advantages of Gloreha Workstation and Gloreha Aria, resulting in wider inclusion criteria and reliable therapeutic efficacy.

Modalità terapia passiva

Passive ModePlay
Gloreha is a workstation designed for patients who need upper limb rehabilitation. A comfortable and lightweight glove supports hand movements. Each combination of flexion and extension is possible: single finger sequence, fist, counting, pinches, wave and so on. Patients are totally involved during motor exercises, thanks to multisensory stimulation and 3D animation on the screen. According to patient’s condition,
Gloreha software offers a wide range of possibilities to customize therapy parameters like range of motion and speed. Gloreha can be used since the beginning of treatment, also if patient hasn’t any residual capacity to move the hand: both flexion and extension of the fingers can be totally performed by the glove. Gloreha is focused on supporting fingers’ joints mobilization and on encouraging neuroplasticity through 3D animation and audio-visual feedback.


Functional ExercisesPlay
The aim of every rehabilitation program is the recovery of the Activities of Daily Living. Gloreha helps patients perform grasping, reaching, picking exercises and interacting with real objects. Gloreha has been developed to help the execution of the movements of the whole upper limb: Gloreha includes two dynamic supports that relieve the upper limb weight during the therapy. A C-shape table facilitates the access to the working area also for wheelchair patients. The therapist can set and plan a wide range of exercises with different levels of difficulty and complexity. Task oriented exercises can be customized depending on the condition of the patients.


Action-Observation TherapyPlay
Scientific literature demonstrated how observation of a specific action activates the same cortical brain areas committed to that motor function, helping the planning of movements and the neuroplasticity. Gloreha software offers a two-step implementation for each exercise: at first patients can see a real hand doing a specific motor task on the screen. Then the robotic glove supports the motor exercise in accordance with patient’s condition.


Dynamic Arm SupportPlay
A dynamic support, included in the device, compensates the upper limb weight, helping patients to make functional exercises that involve the whole upper limb. The arm is free to move in zero gravity and float in space. The compensation degree is adjusted according to the weight of the arm and of the patients’ residual skills, from 900 grams to 5 kilos. The dynamic support is lightweight and comfortable. It naturally supports patients’ movements in all directions. Gloreha workstation is equipped with two supports that allow complex functional exercises with both arms simultaneously.