Gloreha Professional 2 is a great means to support functional and joint recovery in patients with neuromotor deficit.

Fingers mobilization is possible thanks to a lightweight, comfortable and flexible glove. A simultaneous 3D animation on the screen can help patient do motor exercises; according to residual motor skills, a patient can also actively contribute to movements.

Gloreha Professional 2 supports the set up of motor tasks ans stimulates neural plasticity through video previews of each movement. This pathway is corroborated by scientific evidence on the efficacy of Action-Observation Treatment (AOT).

Clinical literature highlights how rehabilitation exercises focused on recovery of functional movements and challenging goals can be much more effective. Therefore, besides different motor exercises (e.g. single fingers mobilization, closing fist, counting, etc.), there are exercises based on the interaction with real objects (pinching, total grasping, tridigital pinch).