A story of success in the field of rehabilitation is given by a mutual effort involving steadfast patients, expert doctors and therapists, and technological innovation. Synergy among them is necessary to achieve the expected result.

Gloreha is the result of a synergistic, motivated and original approach. A group of 11 SMEs from the industrial area of Lumezzane, Brescia (Italy) decided to start a unique and innovative experience, leading to a powerful network of companies, research facilities, Italian and European rehab centers.

Idrogenet represents the foresight of those 11 companies which wanted to go beyond their traditional borders, challenging themselves by investing in R&D, focusing on innovative markets. Know-how reached after decades of experience in the field of mechanics and electronics enhanced this challenge.


Idrogenet Srl is founded by 11 SMEs from Brescia (Berna Ernesto Spa, Bugatti Group, Gagitì, Greiner Spa, Gruppo Bonomi, Mario Fernando Group Srl, Omb Saleri Spa, Omp Spa, Wilden Srl, Serafino Zani Srl, Urbani Srl). Prof. Sergio Albertini, lecturer at the Università degli Studi di Brescia, contributes to the foundation as well. The “Idrogenet case” will be studied by many researchers focused on business management over the years.


A R&D project on the creation of a rehabilitative glove starts. Casa di Cura Villa Beretta (Costa Masnaga, Lecco, Italy), IENI-CNR Institute (Lecco, Italy) are among the main partners. Main goal is studying the possible application of shape-memory alloys to rehabilitative devices.


While R&D activity continues, Institute Habilita (Sarnico, Bergamo, Italy) and Università degli Studi di Brescia are included in the project. “Gloreha” is the brand name chosen for the future product. Gloreha is the acronym which stands for “Hand Rehabilitation Glove”.


A series of prototypes is ready for multicenter trials. Thanks to users feedback and suggestions, Gloreha keeps improving.


The first CE Marked “Gloreha Professional” is launched in the Italian market during the National Congress, held by the Italian Society of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine (SIMFER).


The Italian Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research (MIUR) and Regione Lombardia give support to the “Gloreha Home TC” project. The result will be a home version of the rehabilitative glove.


Gloreha is launched in the international market. Earlier distribution contracts are signed in Europe, Middle East, Asia.


Idrogenet obtains ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012  Quality Management Systems. The  European Patent Office (EPO) recognizes Gloreha as authentic invention.


Gloreha has got new features. While the glove remains the key centre of the project, a complete workstation to treat the whole upper limb comes true.


Gloreha patent is recognised also in the USA and in Japan. During the World Rehabilitation Congress in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), a preview of the new model is shown: Gloreha Sinfonia.