Gloreha Collezione is the most complete technological solution for hand and whole upper limb rehabilitation. A modular combination that accompanies the patient during the whole therapeutic path, from early to advanced stages. The versatility of Gloreha Collezione leads to create effective rehabilitation protocols for the specific goals of the therapy.

Gloreha Collezione is the combination that doubles intensity and efficacy of treatment. One therapist, two rehabilitation devices: Gloreha Sinfonia and Gloreha Aria. Patients can perform exercises autonomously or with little supervision required.

All the Gloreha devices have:

  • Ergonomic height-adjustable table
  • Two dynamic arm supports to work with no gravity
  • Integrated touchscreen PC
  • Focused functional trainings
  • Child-friendly
  • User-friendly software: the therapist easily sets up, the patient totally enjoys
  • Performance evaluation section


What device for what therapy?

Thanks to the Gloreha products versatility and modularity, hospitals, rehab centers and gyms can get the best from their technological equipment by modifying and completing it time after time.