Gloreha Lite has a very simple working principle: 5 electrical actuators flex and extend patient’s fingers through a mechanical movement transmission.

A wide range of different exercises is available within Gloreha software.

A patient can see a simultaneous 3D simulation on the screen.

Gloreha Lite is not only a mobilization device because it combines mobilization with audio and video effects. During therapies, a movement simulation can be watched on the screen. Watching your own movements helps:

  • Stimulating brain area dedicated to hand movements;
  • Keeping attention on the ongoing therapy;
  • Taking part to therapy;
  • Relearning movements.

Functional exercises are available (i.e. simulation of some Actions of Daily Living), as well as interaction with real object.

Active movements are encouraged: Gloreha Lite glove is very flexible and does not hinder patient’s active tentatives to follow and complete movements.

The expected benefits associated with the use of Gloreha are:

  • Range of motion maintenance and improvement;
  • Prevention of damages caused by immobilization;
  • Pain reduction;
  • Reduction of spasticity and stiffness;
  • Reduction of oedema;
  • Prevention of adhesions and contractures;
  • Improvement in lymphatic and blood circulation;
  • Maintenance of proprioception;
  • Decrease of perceived heaviness, stiffness and pain.

Doctors usually suggest to use Gloreha Lite everyday for 30-45 minutes. Treatment can be extended by doing morning and afternoon sessions. However, Gloreha Lite must not be used over 90 min/day.

Yes, Gloreha Lite can be used both in case of the post-acute phase and in a chronic condition. Starting a therapy may be more effective during early phase. However, if affected hand has no high levels of spasticity/stiffness, Gloreha Lite may be effective also after months or years after stroke.

Gloreha Lite can be used both in case of flaccid hands (no spasticity) and mild spasticity (MAS Level: from 1 to 1+), and also medium-high spasticity (MAS Level: from 2 to 3). In case of higher spasticity (MAS Level: 4) Gloreha cannot be used: despite therapists intervention, fingers extension would be difficult.

Gloreha Loop is a useful accessory to be used in case of medium-high spasticity to strenghtening and improving the efficacy of device and cords.

Yes, Gloreha Lite can be used in bed, on chair, or standing: there is no standard position. According to patient’s condition and chosen exercise, workstation can be customized.

Although a patient can freely move his/her wrist, however it is not mobilized by Gloreha. If wrist keep flexing during a therapy, it can be supported by a further tool, Gloreha Splint, which fixes wrist position. Gloreha splint is a rigid supporting tool to be put under wrist to avoid accidental flexions.

No, whereas fingers flexion and extension are triggered by Gloreha Lite, however arms are not. If there are upper limb residual motor skills, arms can be moved freely, because there is no hindrance caused by the glove.

Yes, a computer is necessary to set up and manage the whole therapy. Furthermore, a 3D simulation can be watched during exercises.

No, the applied force by the device is not that high to cause pain. Gloreha Lite software can do a testing preview for each exercise to check suitability of chosen settings and device.

Gloreha Lite weighs about 5 kilos.

No, because Gloreha Lite has been designed for domestic use only. Doctors and therapists can choose among the following Gloreha versions: Gloreha Sinfonia, Gloreha Workstation, Gloreha Professional 2.