MEDICA | 13-16 November 2017
Duesseldorf (Germany)

Stand 22B Hall 4

Medica is the world’s leading trade fair for the medical industry.

This year at Medica we are going to present a new product to enlarge Gloreha proposal.

Here some clues for you:

  • The name is Gloreha Aria (air!). It means freedom and lightness!
  • Nothing on the hand
  • Interactive games
  • No gravity
  • Motion detector
  • No age limit

The rest is a surprise!!!

Download here the map of the fair.

Medica fair is clearly structured in different area with different topic: you’ll find Physiotherapy andOrthopaedic Technology in the Hall 4.

We look forward to welcome you at our stand No. 22B

Of course at Medica you’ll have the possibility to try also Gloreha Sinfonia:

Gloreha Sinfonia is the most advanced version of Gloreha upper limb rehabilitation device.

It is ideal for all the neuromotor recovery phases.

It is a rehabilitation glove which supports fingers joints motion, while detecting voluntary active motion. Each motor exercise is enriched by a multisensory stimulation and a simultaneous 3D animation on the screen to amplifiy the cortical stimulation.

Gloreha robotic glove detects fingers movements and, according to  residual motor skills, partially/totally supports patient.

A patient can use his/her healthy hand to reply similar movements on the affected hand through Gloreha robotic glove.

Gloreha Sinfonia is a fantastic means to start functional recovery, because patient’s arm has no hindrance and patients can move the arm freely; monolateral and bilateral task-oriented exercises are available; real objects can be used during therapy. Within Gloreha software, several settings are available. For instance: video previews, customizable vocal instructions, monitoring performance improvements, interactive games.