Gloreha products have several applications for patients with upper limb paresis or plegia after injuries of the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system or spinal cord. Gloreha passive mode can also be used since the post-acute phase. Patient can be guided during the whole rehabilitation program, which includes: Assist-as-needed (AAN) and functional exercises are suggested for patients who recovered some distal and/or proximal motions. Interactive games are specifically recommended to sharpen movements (e.g.: dexterity, coordination, speed) during an advanced phase of therapy.

Gloreha is not only focused on supporting fingers joints mobilization, but also on encouraging neural plasticity, through many audio-video effects, Action-Observation Therapy (AOT) and Bilateral Training.

Gloreha is a reliable device also in the post-operative care and during the post-acute treatment of many other diseases.

Clinical benefits

  • Keeping and improving the joint range of motion;
  • Preventing adhesions, contractures, and natural damage by immobilization;
  • Reducing pain, oedema and hypertonia;
  • Proprioceptive stimulation;
  • Improving joint metabolism, blood and lymphatic circulation;
  • Maintaining functional afference and body awareness;
  • Improving coordination, dexterity and functional independence;
  • Increasing grip and pinch strength;
  • Improving visual-spatial exploration and attention abilities.